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Steubenville Mid-America 2011: NOW AVAILABLE ON iTUNES

iTunes Release Info

The Steubenville Mid-America 2011 live CD is now available for download on iTunes. All tracks were recorded live at the 2011 Steubenville Youth Conference in Springfield, MO. This album captures all the excitement from the weekend.

Experience it for the first time or relive it all over again.

Find it on iTunes by clicking here
Steubenville (Mid America 2011) - Adam Bitter & The Steubenville Band

Support Local Youth Ministry

Did you know you support local youth ministry every time you purchase a copy of Steubenville Mid-America 2011? A portion of the funds benefit high school teens who can’t afford to attend youth ministry events hosted by the Office of Youth Ministry in St. Louis, MO. This includes the Steubenville Mid-America Youth Conference and many other events. For more info on events hosted by the Office of Youth Ministry, visit

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  1. Tina Mueller says:

    Cant wait for Steubenville 2012. See ya there

  2. Paul says:

    this album will bring you back to the experience of the weekend; I give it my highest recommendation!

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