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Get Access To On Your Cell Phone

If you have a smartphone, check out on your device’s web browser. A mobile version was designed with you (and your thumb!) in mind. It’s easy to navigate, requires no zooming, and the links are easy to click. It takes all the stress out of browsing on a smaller screen.

The mobile version will automatically load when you access the website from a smartphone*. Just open your browser and enter in the address bar. If you don’t have a smartphone*, you may not be able to view the mobile version but the desktop version should still work.

You can also access the site by scanning the QR code below. Try it out! QR Code

Don’t have a barcode scanner on your phone? Check out some of these popular apps:
(iOS and Android)
Barcode Scanner (Android)
ScanLife (Works for Blackberry, but the reviews aren’t very good. Manually entering the url on Blackberry models may be the best option.)

*The mobile version will work on the following user-agents: Android, blackberry9500, blackberry9520, blackberry9530, blackberry9550, blackberry9800, dream, iPhone, iPod, incognito, Googlebot-Mobile, bada, s8000, webOS, webmate

† If unlimited data is not included in your service plan, service fees may apply. Check with your service provider to make sure you won’t have to pay to use the internet on your phone. We don’t want you (or your parents!) to have to pay for this.

†† If unlimited data is included in your plan, then go ahead; have a blast!

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