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NEW: Adam Bitter Chords & Lesson Videos

Adam Bitter Chords and Lyrics

Major improvements were recently made to the Lyrics and Chord Charts section of Adam’s website. Adam Bitter chords and lyrics are now available in PDF format and can be downloaded for free. These improvements are perfect for worship leaders who need chord charts for the worship band. They are also great for musicians who want to learn Adam’s songs.

Not a musician? Only want to learn the lyrics? No Problem! Every available song now has a “Lyrics” section and is laid out in an easy-to-read format. Visit the Lyrics and Chord Charts section of Adam’s website to check out these new and improved features.

Lesson Videos

There’s another great addition to the Lyrics and Chord Charts section of the website. Lesson videos, presented by Adam, are available for most songs. You can watch how Adam plays his own songs while learning them yourself. For more videos of Adam, visit his YouTube channel.

Adam Guitar Lesson Snapshot

New Mass Parts Coming Soon

Is your parish looking for new Mass parts as a result of the the revised Roman Missal? We are excited to announce that new Mass parts co-written by Adam will be available in a few weeks. We will release music sheets and chord charts in PDF format. Video lessons will also be available so you can hear and learn the new Mass parts. Check back soon, or get up-to-date information by “liking” Adam’s Facebook fan page.

Are there any songs by Adam you are interested in learning? Leave a comment below and let us know which ones we should release next!

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  1. Peter Polgar says:

    Hey Adam,
    Our choir is looking for new songs for our holy masses. We want to bring new color to the praise of God.
    Searching the web, I found your songs that are designed for the holy mass. However, I could not find any sheets, only references from 2013 that those would have been available.
    I wonder if you can share any sheets? Teaching to our choir members requires a sheet, and although we have a choir member who is skillful enough to translate what he hears into sheet music, I feel it would be better to get hold on the original, as don’t want to make mistakes in the process.
    If you can, could you please share the sheets?
    In return, when we finally learn the songs, I would record and send back… so you can hear your work spread around the globe.

    Many thanks,
    Peter Polgar

  2. Joan Koebbe says:

    I’m interested in obtaining sheet music for the keyboard accompaniment to Hold My Hand that I listened to on Youtube. I see here on your site that you only offer guitar chords.

    Any help will be most appreciated.


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