Adam Bitter

I Will Stand Lyrics and Chords

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Verse 1:

Sometimes it hard to know where I belong

A foolish heart can choose the road alone

But I will choose to place my trust in you

I place may all my life I’ll die with you

Pre Chorus:
I’ll raise my hands up high

I’ll praise you with my life


I will stand
For this love
A love that gave His life to save this weary soul of mine

I’ll never know
The price you paid

All I know is how you held me in your heart that day
You died for me
I’ll die for you

Verse 2:

Lord I’m yours please take me as I am

Mend my heart to do your will again

Today I’ll stand, please lead me as I go

I’ll follow you, my life is yours alone

Sometimes it’s hard to see

But I know I know you’re here with me