Adam Bitter

Hold On Lyrics and Chords

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Verse 1:
Just today I sat and thought of how things used to be
And I stopped and wondered how
How we all could forget about the things that matter most
And let our lives just slip away
We’ve got to hold on

Verse 2:
There was a time when people cared about the little things
The things that make us who we are
They cared for family friends not only just about themselves
How can we let that slip away
We’ve got to hold on

There’s not much time
We’ve only got one life to live and it better be right
Full of hope
A hope that teaches how to love
To hold on
To the one who gave us life
To the little things that open our eyes
To the people that we see everyday
Don’t let it slip away
Hold on

Verse 3:
It’s easy in this world today for us to lose ourselves
In the passing of the time
So much suffering lies deceit and poverty
Please don’t let love slip away
We’ve got to hold on